Where Did You Get Your Style?
When Piper Weiss found some old photos in a family album, she discovered a glamorous woman she had never known before—her mother.
My Mom, Style Icon book cover
The Inspiration
The family photo album—a cardboard binder covered in leather and wrapped in plastic—always filled with old pictures of at least one crying infant and a somber relative who refuses to crack a smile.

What started off as a chance to see what her parents looked like before she was born, turned into a life-altering revelation for writer Piper Weiss. Not only had her mother lived an unimaginably fantastic life before having children, she had done it with style. So much so, Piper started a blog as a tribute her mom's spot-on fashion sensibilities. Before long people from around the world were sharing photos of their mothers too. We talked to her about new book, My Mom, Style Icon.

"Getting to know these mothers through their photos made me fall in love with them all." Piper says. "I'm 32, not married and at the part of my life where a lot has happened but there's still enough to go. Seeing these mothers in that same phase—with so much ahead of them—reminded me that we really don't know what's going to happen, and that no one person has the same story."

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