8 Pretty, Punk and Posh Ways to Wear Pink
It's time to rethink the quintessential springtime color—for Labor Day and beyond.
Actress Stephanie Szostak, who costars with Ryan Reynolds in the movie R.I.P.D., tries soft blushes and bright roses every which way, from pretty to punk to posh.

Retro Active

A fuchsia turtleneck and pencil skirt are the perfect base for a boxy, pale pink bouclé jacket. "The skirt's fabric reminds me of a fantastic pantsuit my mom used to wear," says the actress, whose heritage is a blend of French, Caribbean, American, and Russian. "The hat is a wink to the past as well."

Peacoat, Carven, $2,450; Sweater, $224; Skirt, $600; Hat, Lola Hats, $238; Anthropologie; 215-568-2114. Necklace, $90; Ring, $265; Shoes, $598;