Val Monroe
Photo: Jonathan Skow

Do you know how the sinks are cleaned when you get pedicures? Are you concerned about it? How do you protect yourself from possible infection?
Chain Reaction
I've been dying to tell someone about Dashing Diva, a chain that markets itself on its fastidiousness and cleanliness. Metal instruments are autoclaved and others are disposable. Porcelain sinks, not rubber soaking tubs. Totally great. I never went for pedicures before, largely because of the infection factor.
Marie D'Amico
New York City

School Days
For years I have had pedicures and facials at our locally owned beauty school. I never worry about the students using proper sterilization. The reason is because they are being watched carefully by their instructors and peers. In order to pass their state board exams, they have to follow procedures that dictate their passing.
Suzy Walker
Palm Desert, California

Learning the Hard Way
I have been getting acrylic nails and pedicures for years and I never had a problem. I made sure to always go to clean upscale spas. One day I went to my favorite spot and it was packed. Against my better judgment, I waited and watched while the spa professionals were taking care of one client after another. I sat there wondering and watching how they finished client after client. As they cleaned their instruments in a microwave type oven machine I thought, "Wow that sterilizes quickly." You see, they were using the same instruments on everyone. When it was my turn, I even made a comment to the technician, "Are you sure the instruments are clean and sterilized?" "Sure," she says. Well, guess what? I got fungus that same week. I was so upset, I never went back. I purchased my own instruments and now I go somewhere else.
Joli Lozada Fuentes
Lakeland, Florida


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