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Shauntavia Loo, 27

Doing Her Everyday Routine

Shauntavia spent more than 45 minutes on her makeup. ("I would've done more, but I got tired.") after moisturizing thoroughly, she applied foundation, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and then curled her lashes. She added mascara and a red lipstick before she started on her hair, which took her almost an hour. She blew it out, used a straightening iron and, later, a curling iron). Finally, she pronounced herself party-ready!

The Experts Weigh In
The step that had Mally really agog: "It took her almost five minutes just to apply moisturizer! She just kept adding more and massaging it in."

What Mally said Shauntavia did half right: She used a light concealer correctly to diminish the dark spots on her face—but it highlighted, rather than hid, her blemishes.

How Shauntavia got creative: She mixed two liquid foundations to get a perfect color match for her complexion.

How she most impressed Mally: After she patted foundation all over her face with a brush, she skillfully contoured her cheekbones with a bronzer.

But she nearly frightened Mally when she pulled out a bright orange blush and began to apply it over the bronzer.

What made Shauntavia's eyes water ferociously: Lining the inner lids, first in gray pencil and then, over that, in gray powder "to keep the pencil line from disappearing." The powder irritated her eyes.

Patrick's time-saving device: "Shauntavia can skip the straightening iron and go right for the curling iron."

Robe, Garnet Hill. Top, Ellen Tracy. Earrings, Miriam Haskell.


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