Mission: Swimsuit Makeover
O 's mission: Match the right suits to the right shapes—all ages, all sizes. Better bodies emerged—and big smiles broke out.
Antonette Hecht
Antonette Hecht's orange one-piece (left) is a bit too small for her, and it doesn't show off her womanly curves. This splashy red suit (right) has a deep-V neckline for her décolletage, buckle detail for more definition, and a graffiti print for...just plain fun.*
Charlotte Blumenthal
While the black suit (left) that Charlotte Blumenthal chose has lots of coverage, it lacks in sophistication—and there's too much going on with the grommets and ties. The sleek blue, pink and black suit (right) gives her better support and a more streamlined look.
Douan Kirivong
The flower-print bikini (left) appears too matronly for 30-year-old Douan Kirivong, and the bottom doesn't allow her much movement. This colorful Gidget-esque suit (right) is energetic and youthful. The boyshort makes it functional, too.
Jennifer Jordie
It's a common mistake to buy swimsuits that are a bit too big, as is the case with Jennifer Jordie's white bikini (left). A better-fitting top (right) with a deep-V neckline is more attractive, and color blocks draw the eye left-to-right, instead of up-and down.
Julianna Leblanc
Newlywed Julianna Leblanc's purple suit (left) is pretty, but the stripes widen her frame and make her look bigger than she really is. The broad straps on this tankini top (right) are more slimming, while the rich chocolate color adds instant glamour.
Kathy Harrington
Kathy Harrington's bikini (left) fits well, but it's a bit skimpy—and the olive green color is too drab. One-piece suits (right) are sexy, too! And the luscious orange and white combination is perfect for a day at the beach.
Kerry Klein
Kerry Klein has the right idea with this blue bikini (left), but it's been through too much wear-and-tear to do her any good. Stylish buckles (right) give her the fashion update she wants, while thick straps and subtle padding add more volume.
Kristi Silver
The red and black halter-neck swimsuit (left)—with its distracting, printed under-bust band—overpowers Kristi Silver's petite 5-foot-5-inch frame. A matching floral print (right) is more feminine and more flattering. The thinner wide-set straps open her upper body.
Odette Perriel
It's good to take chances with swimwear, but Odette Perriel's animal-print suit (left) has a bit too much going on. A barely-there bottom and a too-droopy top add to the confusion. Simple and chic, this belted blue one-piece (right) is a much better cut for her—just the Rx she needed.
Michele Whitty
Horizontal stripes have a reputation for being hard to wear, and this tankini (left) on Michele Whitty shows why: They draw attention to the exact areas you are trying to hide. Still, stripes (right) can be flattering if they are thick and angled, and in neutral colors like black and brown.

Bonus: Bathing Beauty

You've probably noticed that our beach makeovers left these women not only better dressed but with overall gleam and polish. Here's the beauty backstory.

Smooth: Unless you aspire to be a Girl Gone Wild, moisturize and control hair with sun-protective creams (for manic curls) or sprays (for fine, straight types).
Color: Apply tinted moisturizer with SPF and lip balm with UVA/UVB protection, in soft, Gidgetesque colors like pink or peach, which work with almost any skin tone.

Define: Skip shadow and liner on the beach—they can look overdone in direct sunlight.

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