July 2009's New Beauty Products
A bright (and cheap!) idea for prettier feet, the freshest new summer scent, a quick sunscreen solution, and more...;
ELF Nail Polish
Polish for a Buck
Can't decide whether to choose Fuchsia, Fire Coral, or Sunset for your beach-bound toes? Try them all! If you're feeling goofy, go for the Punk Purple and Hot Pink, too—heck, paint a different, exotic shade on each of your nails, because your wallet will hardly feel it. E.L.F. polishes, available in 18 shades, are only a dollar each ( That's right, friends, just one dollar. (The polishes are also quick to dry and free of potentially toxic toluene and formaldehyde.) Between the exuberant colors and the cockamamie price, we're hard-pressed to think of a better way to get a vivid hit of summer fun.
Pop Beauty Lush Blush
Getting Cheeky
It's not easy to walk the line between cute and cutesy, but Pop Beauty does a brilliant job with its undeniably adorable yet incredibly functional Lush Blush ($22; With a slight tug of the grosgrain ribbon tab, the top flips up to reveal a silky powder blush in one of three delicate rose shades, with only a hint of sheen. Pop off the bottom to find a little pouf of a sponge, perfectly proportioned to dot the apples of your cheeks with just enough complexion-enlivening color.
Sisley's Eau de Sisley 1
Light Refreshment
If O's executive beauty editor Jenny had her sartorial druthers, she would live in breezy cotton sundresses and flip-flops all summer. But that look loses its charm (and propriety and practicality) in the intensely air-conditioned, fluorescent-lit office where she spends much of the season. Thankfully, Sisley's Eau de Sisley 1 ($165; evokes the same summertime-and-the-living-is-easy feeling as that carefree uniform, without attracting sideways glances from coworkers. The scent's initial burst of crisp citrus gives way to the soft floral sweetness of jasmine, which lingers on your skin all day. Spritz it on and delight in the fresh, simple spirit of summer afternoons—no matter where you're spending them (or what you're wearing).
Avon Ideal Shade Mousse Foundation Stick
A Perfect Marriage
The Avon Ideal Shade Mousse Foundation Stick ($10; may look like a typical foundation stick, but instead of being thick or chalky—which is what we expect from a solid—it instantly melts into a smooth, creamy texture as it glides over skin. How's that, you ask? The tinted formula in its center contains moisturizing jojoba. When that mixes with the outer ring of pure pigment, it creates a consistency that's sheer and easy to blend (yet substantial enough to disguise a blemish). It's our favorite way to touch up on the go.
Clinique Sun SPF 45 Targeted Protection Stick
Un-sticky Situation
If you love an impromptu lunch at a sunny sidewalk café, but you're not wild about the idea of applying sunscreen at the table, try the Clinique Sun SPF 45 Targeted Protection Stick ($17.50; It takes just a couple of seconds to swipe the clear balm over easy-to-burn spots like nose and lips, plus you don't need a mirror, and your hands remain lotion-free—the better to tuck into your panini with.

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