July 2009's New Beauty Products
A bright (and cheap!) idea for prettier feet, the freshest new summer scent, a quick sunscreen solution, and more...;
ELF Nail Polish
Polish for a Buck
Can't decide whether to choose Fuchsia, Fire Coral, or Sunset for your beach-bound toes? Try them all! If you're feeling goofy, go for the Punk Purple and Hot Pink, too—heck, paint a different, exotic shade on each of your nails, because your wallet will hardly feel it. E.L.F. polishes, available in 18 shades, are only a dollar each (EyesLipsFace.com). That's right, friends, just one dollar. (The polishes are also quick to dry and free of potentially toxic toluene and formaldehyde.) Between the exuberant colors and the cockamamie price, we're hard-pressed to think of a better way to get a vivid hit of summer fun.