Look What We Found! February 2009
Chicks and eggs
A fresh hatch of lather-rich soaps, the newest way to play with color, a very generous body butter, and more...

Which came first, the chicken or the soap? While you're pondering the existential, lather up with one of these generous, deliciously scented MOR Imperia Body Bars ($19 each). They're available in three formulas Garden of Hespera exfoliating bar with poppy seeds, Flower of Narcissus vegetable bar, and Fruits of Cornucopia with glycerin. A shea butter base makes the suds luxurious and creamy, and grapeseed oil makes them moisturizing. Eggstravagant fun!
Philip B line
Gorgeous Inside and Out
We love a great makeover— especially when there's both an outer and inner transformation. Take, for example, the new Philip B. line: The whole collection has been elegantly repackaged, and the formulas have been improved by removing parabens, phthalates, and petrochemicals. Happily, none of our favorite scents was compromised. The Chocolate Milk Body Wash & Bubble Bath, Thai Tea Mind & Body Wash, and Nordic Wood Hair & Body Shampoo ($35 each) smell as rich as ever.
Makeup kit
Pretty Planner
Memo to hyperorganized Virgo women: Makeup artist Trish McEvoy has updated her makeup-bag-as-day-planner system. Now each Deluxe Makeup Planner (shown here in petite, $58, not including makeup) has not only pockets and pouches and a binder to clip in McEvoy's "pages" of blushes and powders but also a second zipped compartment, a leather pouch, and a removable mesh bag. It can bring makeup order to even the least organized among us.
Body butter
Butter Up
In November 2008 O introduced the winners of our Women Rule! leadership training contest. One of them, Rahama Wright, founded fair trade shea butter cooperatives in Mali to bring income—and hope—to the women there. We tried the lavender-and-honeysuckle-scented Body Butter ($25) that Wright's nonprofit, Shea Yeleen, produces; it, too, rules! Its deeply moisturizing shea butter leaves skin radiant. And 50 percent of its retail price goes back to the Mali women's communities. That should really make you glow.
Bobbi Brights Palette
Roy G. Beautiful!
Bobbi Brown's makeup is a lot like Switzerland: gorgeous and unfailingly neutral. But Bobbi revealed to us recently that amid all the Bone and Wheat eyeshadows in her makeup bag, she keeps a palette of riotous colors that she brings out when she wants to play. Now she's created one for the rest of us. The Bobbi Brights Palette ($70) folds out to reveal 35 small doses of matte shadows in colors like Shamrock and Ultra Violet. Keep it in your makeup bag for when you feel playful.