Martha Beck's Gifts That Inspire
Martha Beck's top picks, plus see what Oprah, Gayle King, and Val Monroe are giving this year.
martha beck
"I'm all for presents that motivate people—especially if they motivate them to take a break."

Light as a Feather

I adore these glass ornaments; I tell the people I give them to that when the tree comes down, they should hang one from the ceiling to scatter good feng shui.

Roost Captured Plume Ornament Set, $58;

Where the Art Is

I spent half my childhood drawing and could only dream of a kit like this, with oil pastel crayons, watercolors, brushes, and colored pencils. It'll thrill any budding artist.

Personalized 80-Piece Youth Art Set, $20;

Card Sharp

Conspiracy theorists will love this aluminum wallet that prevents identity thieves from reading credit card numbers from afar.

Ögon Designs, $39 each;

A Dog's Life

I've learned many lessons from the dogs I've known—including Earl, the mutt at the center of The Gift of Nothing, by Patrick McDonnell. I received this sweet little book as a present and instantly started spreading the word.


Wild Things

On a recent trip, I fed orphaned elephants. Then I promptly adopted the very friendly Kalama and gave sponsorships for others to several friends. Not to brag, but I think Kalama has my thighs.

From $50;

The Yellow Pages

I used to read my parents' National Geographics—now I can give them all.

Originally $70 for six-disc set, now $56 with code OPRAH;

Fair Grounds

I believe in the mystical powers of a slug of caffeine dressed in heaps of fat and sugar. And in 100 percent fair trade, organic products. With Ethical Bean, I can send coffee lovers bags of medium or dark roast that taste good and do good.

$12 for 12-ounce bag;

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