Dr. Oz's Gifts for Mind and Body
Dr. Oz's top picks, plus see what Oprah, Dr. Phil, and Suze Orman are giving this year.
dr. oz
"A shopping list straight from my prescription pad."

Raise the Bar

There is such a thing as a healthy treat! Just make sure it contains 70 percent cacao or more (these are at least 72 percent); otherwise the sugar can outweigh the benefit of the antioxidants.

Single Origin Chocolate Bars, originally $7 each, now $5 with code OPRAH;

Get Your Kicks

Walking, running, it doesn't matter—what counts is the goal of 10,000 steps per day. Saucony ProGrid Kinvara sneakers are lightweight, flexible, and comfortable.


Watch Your Steps

Working up a sweat for 20 minutes three times a week contributes to a healthier life—and this easy-to-read sports band helps gauge progress by tracking pace, distance, time, and calories burned.

Nike+ SportBand, $59;

(May not be available in the color pictured)

Made to Measure

Nigella Lawson's ceramic measuring cups serve up portion control with style.

$26 for set;

Climate Control

This humidifier eases parched throats on dry nights for up to eight hours without ruining the decor.

Middle Colors ultrasonic small humidifier, $120;

An Om of One's Own

Yoga is a beautiful practice that combines exercise with meditation. With an embroidered name or initials, there's no confusing whose mat is whose.

Originally $35, now $28 with code OPRAH;

Dream On

Shutting out light helps to produce melatonin, bringing on the z's. A silk mask is especially easy on the eyes.

(Belle De Nuit, originally $38 each, now $30 with code OPRAH;

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