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Pamper Your Body
Here's how to…

Firm Up Your Jawline
If you've begun to see a softening of your jawline, spend five minutes every morning and night chomping as though you were chewing a piece of meat. This will strengthen the jaw muscles and create more definition. (Don't do this if you have TMJ.)

Make Your Fingers Look Graceful
File your nails into an oval shape—it's elongating. A brave move: If you've never worn red nail polish, try it. Shiny (and short) red nails look glamorous and pulled together.

Soften Feet in an Instant
Faster than a foot scrub! Stronger than a pumice! A 15-minute at-home peel is all it takes to make your dry, calloused feet soft and smooth.

Change Your Concept of Working Out
It doesn't have to mean clocking in at the gym for 30 minutes three times a week. Incorporate fitness into your life: Instead of calling a friend to vent, ask her to meet you for a power walk (or take one by yourself). Rather than hitting the fridge during commercials, try a couple of minutes of jumping jacks. These short, painless exercise stints eventually all add up to a stronger, leaner, happier you.

Sleep Easier
For better zzz's, replace your pillow every year. If you're a side sleeper, you'll need a firmer one; a back sleeper needs a flatter one; a stomach sleeper needs a very flat one. Also, choose a pillow that's hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and made with synthetic down or foam. Sleepbetter.org offers a test to help you choose the right pillow for you.

See yourself as others do.
Experts believe that others think you're 20 percent more attractive than you think you are.


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