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The skin around the eyes is delicate and can get a little crinkly and saggy as we age, making it more difficult to apply eye makeup smoothly and evenly. A small, narrow brush makes applying makeup around the tiny corners and creases of your eyes simpler. Laura says small, tight brushes can also help create eyes that really pop because they allow you to accent the eyes' contours more exactly. They also make applying eye color to the lash line a snap.

Laura also says most women just need one good small brush. Which one to choose? A couple of small brushes that Laura suggests are a broad, tapered crease brush or a small ponytail brush. A crease brush helps control eye color along the crease of your eyelid. A ponytail brush is great when you want to lightly layer and blend color along the crease of the eye. If eyeliner is more your style, then consider a pointed eyeliner brush that allows you to control the thickness of the liner by how much pressure you apply with the brush.


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