Pearl jewelry
Photo: Gabriella Imperatori-Penn
Clockwise from top left

1. A Swarovski-crystal necklace crossed with graduated faux pearls is by one of this new trend's pioneering designers. Tom Binns, $1,425 

A pendant of clustered pearls hangs on multiple mixed-metal chains. Jennifer Rose, $220 

Wire-wrapped pearls and crystals give this cuff an urban, industrial aura. Barbara Rodolitz for Jennifer Miller, $700 

Justin Giunta, another trailblazing mixologist, accents a waterfall of chains and pearls with a vintage brooch. Subversive Jewelry by Justin Giunta, $780 

Delicate round links support a necklace of pearls of different shapes and sizes. W/A Studios, $175 

A lot of necklace for the money: Simulated pearl and crystal strands could be doubled up for even more layering power. ABS, $175 

Grapelike pearly bunches intertwined with smoky beads make a wonderfully chunky bracelet. Stephen Dweck, $895 

A ruched satin bib set with large pearls has an almost tribal vibe. Candace Ang at Supplements NY, $210 

This pearl-crammed oval ring is simply exquisite. Philip Crangi