Whitney before makeover

This woman you're looking at—this ravishing creature—is our own O editorial assistant Whitney Fuller, 23, whom we encouraged (pushed, prodded, dared), along with four other women, to connect with her inner bombshell. She didn't think she had it in her (see the "before" photo, left).

Because she wants to be taken seriously, Whitney plays down her prettiness, typically wearing very little makeup and not fussing with her hair: "I usually just pat it with frizz serum and pull it back," she says. But we convinced her that sexy can look commanding rather than kittenish.

After sending her to a John Frieda Salon in NYC to have her dirty-blonde color brightened, Serge cut four inches off her length and set her hair in two-inch Velcro rollers (an easy way to add body and volume). Thirty minutes later, he removed the rollers, teased height into her roots, and smoothed her curls, but left the overall look loose as he pinned her hair back. Makeup artist Sergio Corvacho kept color minimal, darkening Whitney's brows and shading her lips with antique rose. "Wow," she said, seeing the girl in the mirror, a big (commanding) smile on her face. For strong brows, play up your arch.


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