On-the-go women, you can apply a fresh, fabulous face in minutes! Makeup guru Laura Mercier says to cleanse, moisturize then play a little game. "Rushed women must choose two to three makeup priorities," explains Laura. "Play this little game: Ask yourself what two to three makeup products you would bring to a deserted island with your lover? Your answer will tell you what's essential for you."

Laura offers some examples of wise makeup choices for makeup in minutes:
  • If you are plagued with dark circles under your eyes, then quickly apply concealer under your eyes, mascara and some lip gloss, and you're off!
  • If you have fair or pale skin color, then simply apply some cream blush and lipstick and go!
  • If you have olive or dark skin, but your tone is a little sallow, then you may choose a creamy lip color and some blush, and you're ready for the day.
  • If breakouts or spider veins are your biggest problem, then simply cover them with a little camouflage, then apply your favorite lip and eye colors, and you're done!


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