Jean welcomes Bobbi Brown, founder of the cosmetics line by the same name. Bobbi talks to Jean about her new book, Bobbi Brown Living Beauty, which she says tries to help women look on the bright side in terms of their appearance and their lives. Bobbi also shares her views on beauty and aging, and talks to Jean about how she found success:
  • Bobbi says when it came to her company, she didn't give up. Years ago, she wanted to work at the makeup counter at the Marshall Field's department store, but they turned her down. Later, they came into her office to negotiate carrying her makeup in their stores.
  • Bobbi says she stuck to her style, despite trends. Bobbi's style was always natural, even during the ages of pale faces and bright red lips.
  • Bobbi says the most important thing in life is health. If you take care of yourself, you can do anything.
  • There is no such thing as anti-aging, Bobbi says. We age—it's a fact of life; and it's not a negative, but a positive.
  • Bobbi says she wants to offer women the choice to look good and still stay natural. She says that's the way women look best—without fillers, facelifts or heavy shading.
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