Office-Chic Makeup
Makeup artist Lauren Luke shares step-by-step instructions for an understated work look from her new book, Lauren Luke Looks.
Makeup artist Lauren Luke
Lauren Luke is a makeup artist who became a YouTube sensation when she began uploading her how-to makeup videos online. Now, she's sharing her step-by-step guide to creating an office-chic look from her new book, Lauren Luke Looks.

This is a quick look using neutral colors with light gold and brown. Understated for when you're at work, and perfect for when you're in a hurry.

The Palette
  • Beige frosted eye primer
  • Honey-colored frosted eyeshadow
  • Chocolate-brown eyeliner pencil
  • Brown mascara
  • Pale peach frosted blush
  • Matte coffee lip pencil
  • Coffee-colored lip gloss