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"It's Just as Much Fun"
The Psych Counsel: Beauty rituals can be a genuine source of joy, and there's nothing wrong with that. "But sometimes we get stuck in behaviors that no longer serve us," says Freedman. (The vibrant eyeshadow colors that Leslie first discovered in her 20s aren't necessarily the best choice for her in her 40s.) And Freedman points out that anytime you believe you need something—whether eyeliner or a cocktail—to feel better, it's worth looking at why. You may be trying to avoid addressing a deeper anxiety, and should consider what would happen if you scaled back on your crutch—the reality might not be as intimidating as you think.

The Beauty Counsel: "Leslie gets great pleasure from makeup, so I don't want to take that from her," says makeup artist Sandy Linter. "She can still use a variety of products, but in a more subtle way." After brushing a beige shadow over Leslie's lids, Linter blended a charcoal one into the creases of her gorgeous deep-set eyes. With black liner on the upper and lower lashlines and two coats of mascara, Leslie's eyes remained a major focal point. Linter used a light foundation (Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer in #16) to even out Leslie's skin tone and dotted a cream blush (Lancôme Color Design Blush in Chic Cassis) on the apples of her cheeks. A sheer brown-berry lip gloss completed the understated, but no less stunning, look.

Leslie's Reaction: "After Sandy finished, my eyes stood out even more than before—with so much less makeup. I realize now how much I was overdoing it. I still love color—I picked up a new sea-foam green shadow the other day—but I'm using it with a much lighter touch. It doesn't look as dramatic—but turns out it's just as much fun."

Dress, Tadashi; $348; TadashiCollection.com for stores. Earrings, Jennifer Miller; $150; 212-734-8199


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