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"I Could See People Were Noticing Me!"
The Psych Counsel: When there simply aren't enough hours in the day, it's easy to forget that even the smallest action can help restore a sense of control. "Just focusing on yourself for a couple of minutes reinforces the idea that you're still important, still feminine, still attractive," says Wechsler. And, even if it must be an abridged version, a familiar routine—like Karen's pre-babies makeup regimen—it can be enormously comforting in times of transition.

The Beauty Counsel: "With her beautiful wide set eyes and high cheekbones, it won't take much makeup for Karen to look polished," says Sandy, who formulated a pared-down, four-step plan: 1. sheer foundation, 2. black eyeliner pencil (along the upper lashlines), 3. taupe eye shadow (over the lids), and 4. mascara. (For her after shot, she added a couple of extras: blush on the apples of her cheeks and a rosy lip gloss.) And when Karen only has time to apply one thing? "Eyeliner," says Sandy definitively. "Like many overworked women, Karen usually reaches for concealer first, but focusing on what you perceive to be wrong—like dark circles—often highlights it; play up something else and what you were trying to hide suddenly disappears."

Karen's Reaction: "From the moment I left the shoot I could see that people were noticing me—I'd almost forgotten what that's like. It feels good! Now I'm taking five minutes every morning to apply a light foundation, eyeliner, and mascara. And I've ditched the concealer completely. I'm even bringing a little bag of makeup to work with me so I can touch up in the afternoon." Dress, Jovani; $900; eDressMe.com. Earrings, Kendra Scott for Jennifer Miller; $95; 212-734-8199.

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