Can You Wear White Jeans in the Winter?
O's creative director, Adam Glassman, says it's fine to wear white jeans past Labor Day. Here's how to make them work.
White jeans in winter
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Dear Adam: You've said it's okay to wear white jeans year-round. But what type of shoe goes with them when it's cold outside?

A: White jeans are more than okay for post–Labor Day weekends; they're seriously cool—and more sophisticated than blue denim. It's important to pick an ungimmicky straight-leg style and avoid bare, summery footgear (strappy high heels, open-toe sandals, flip-flops). Boots, preferably in suede or rough-hewn leather, are excellent for taking these pants into fall and winter. Brown, because it's more casual, is generally better than black. And white denim is a great canvas for a hit of metallics or animal prints—two of my favorite ways to depart from the usual neutrals.

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