Adam Glassman
Photo: Robert Trachtenberg
O's creative director, Adam Glassman, tells you what your best friends won't.

Q. I live in t-shirts. Can I wear them to the office? How about parties?

A. Yes and yes. Tees have become like jeans: accepted just about everywhere, certifiably stylish, incredibly dressed up, and available at all prices. But don't try to sneak in one of those schlumpy, oversize horrors in dorky pastels or a logo tee from your last trip to the Magic Kingdom. I'm talking about a nice, semifitted top in a sophisticated hue, with serious design details like draping, pleats, and gathers. For work, slide a tee under your basic office suit or jacket; for evening, consider one that's been lengthened into an elegant dress. And if you're going places this summer, tees can be versatile, packable, and wonderfully wrinkle-free.

bordeaux dress with setlios paraskevas clasp belt

A strategically shaped cap-sleeve sheath (Bordeaux) clasped by a rich-looking metallic belt (Stelios Paraskevas).
Photo: Ben Goldstein/Studio D. Stylist: Kristy Vant for Mark Edward Inc.


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