Bohemian chic

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The Trend: Bohemian Chic
Adam Says: I wasn't crazy about '70s style back when it was first happening—all that polyester!—but I love elements that reference the era. My favorites: glamorous, world-traveler touches (spice colors, exotic patterns, intricate embellishment). And there are plenty of ways to look less hippie-dippie, more sophisticated, whether in a long, full skirt or a silk peasant blouse.

How to Wear It

Consider Your Body Type
High-waisted pants look best if you've been called "leggy" at some point in your life. Petites should avoid at all costs! You can pull off maxiskirts and dresses (just don't let the hems drag).

One at a Time
Unless you're tall and slim, it's challenging to wear something billowing on top and bottom (remember, these are genetically blessed professional models). Instead, choose one piece. At left, we're showing skirt-top combos to demonstrate the full effect, but you might pair the tops with jeans, or the skirts with a tank.

Belt It
A leather, braided, or macramé belt, or a tied sash, helps define your waist in a free-flowing outfit.

Blouse, Topshop, $80. Skirt, Milly, $595. Belt, Unnur. Right: Blouse, Chico's, $79. Skirt, Rebecca Taylor, $525. Belt, Banana Republic.


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