How to Apply False Lashes Like a Pro
Pull off this beauty trick just like a makeup artist.
false lashes after shot
The instant eye-opening power of false lashes is not lost on our very own Gayle King. She's worn them on TV—courtesy of a makeup artist—for decades. "They make such a huge difference!" she says. But she's never had success applying them herself at home. So we brought in makeup artist Carmindy to show her how it's done. Gayle was skeptical (to say the least), meeting every instruction with a cocked eyebrow and "Are you surrrre?" Even so, within minutes, she had applied her own lashes—and they looked terrific. "That's unbelievable," she said as she stepped back from the mirror to observe her handiwork. Of course, Gayle being Gayle, the skepticism remained. "I need some more practice before I really get it," she said.