Holly Robinson Peete

Holly Robinson Peete is a chic Hollywood mom who has figured out a way to look gorgeous without paying Hollywood prices. A TV actress and mother of three, Holly is playing a new role as a fashion designer. Her new line of maternity fashions is hip, hot and affordable. She's delivering her high-style designs at the perfect time—she and NFL star husband Rodney Peete are making room for baby number four is less than a month!

Holly's maternity mission is to makeover two moms-to-be.


Holly's outfit for Randi is nothing like the tents that most moms-to-be must endure. The jeans grow with you, and they're only $34!

"If it's not flowers, it's stripes," says Susan, a woman in desperate need of a maternity makeover. Holly comes to her rescue with an outfit that is flattering at every stage of pregnancy.

Holly has a surprise for her two models: both Susan and Randi will receive the entire Holly Robinson Peete line, available exclusively from Mervyn's, www.mervyns.com.
FROM: Fabulous Without a Fortune
Published on February 10, 2005


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