What's Right with This Picture?
You see your complexion as washed-out, your eyes almost touching, your forehead the size of Ontario. Makeup legend Bobbi Brown sees velvety skin, a perfectly shaped mouth, and a great, strong chin. Are we talking about the same people here? A sharp-eyed beauty expert helps five women rethink their "flaws."
Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could see in yourself what others see? If instead of focusing on your imperfections—whatever you believe them to be—you were drawn to what's particularly, singularly, beautifully right about your looks?

One day not long ago a small group of O staffers, with the help of celebrity makeup artist Bobbi Brown, sorted through a pile of photos, trying to choose from a cache of candidates desperate for a makeover. As we pored over the pictures, dolefully shaking our heads at the harsh self-descriptions, Bobbi consistently piped up with excitement about one woman's perfect skin or another's magnificent jawline. It soon dawned on us that we were in the presence of someone who had a gift: the gift of being able to see the gorgeousness in every woman. "Our inner dialogues about how we look are often completely wrong," says Bobbi. "We focus on things that bother us, but no one else might notice.

"When I look at a woman, I always find things about her that she's completely unaware of. Why? Because she's convinced that her nose is too big or her eyes are too far apart, or there's some other fault, and that's all that she can see. When a client at the makeup counter asks me how to make her nose look smaller, I point out her astonishing smile and show her how to enhance her mouth with a great lipstick and gloss. More often than not, she's happily surprised."

To prove Bobbi's point, we found five women who could see only what was wrong with themselves; we asked her to give them a good talking to. She did, and they were all—as Bobbi predicted—happily (and gratefully) surprised.

See just what Bobbi's talking about.


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