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Adam says Tania's makeover—especially in her structured black Calvin Klein bandage dress —illustrates that you can be sexy at any size.

Jill says a black dress may not be exactly right for this season, but that's no problem. "A black dress is an investment," she says. "It's a key item for everyone to have in their wardrobe in their closet."

Val says Tania is a classic example of a mother who lost her mojo by giving all her energy to her kids. "What she wants to do, as all mothers of young kids need to do, is to remember to take a little bit of time for herself," she says. "All you need is half an hour a week to do something special for yourself just to get yourself back in your body."

Ken wants Tania to do one very important thing the minute she gets home. "Replace that photo," he says. The 15-year-old fashion photo only serves as a constant reminder of what once was. "You will never look like that again," he says. "You may have that hair again; you may have those clothes again. But we change."
FROM: How to Get Your Sexy Back Makeovers
Published on June 16, 2009