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The style team's transformation for Barbara is a true showstopper. "Is that you?" Oprah asks. "How do you feel?"

"Smokin'!" Barbara says as she flaunts her gold David Meister dress .

Adam agrees. "Barbara is oozing liquid gold in this dress," he says.

"At each stage of your life, you should know your best and you should hide your worst, and she definitely accentuates her best," Jill says. "She just exudes sexuality."

Adam says they recognized that Barbara's job and lifestyle—including her Harley-Davidson motorcycle—are actually really sexy, and they wanted to bring her outside appearance up to those standards. "And because she's in pants all the time, we wanted to sort of show her the complete opposite," he says.

Jill says getting clothing tailored can make all the difference. "Fit is everything," she says. "You all look sexier because you have tight clothing that embraces your body.

Ken says he wanted to make a drastic change for Barbara to allow her to redefine herself in way unrelated to her job. "Cut it off and go drastic. Don't go an inch or two," he says about her new 'do. "She said she felt completely new and free."
FROM: How to Get Your Sexy Back Makeovers
Published on June 16, 2009


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