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Goodbye, T-shirt and leggings—hello, sexy! "It was the most wonderful experience in the whole world. I was pampered. Ken was amazing; the whole team was amazing," Suzanne says. "I just feel fabulous!"

Jill says they dressed Suzanne in a romantically soft, pewter Carmen Marc Valvo skirt and gray Douglas Hannant Insignia blouse—with just a glimpse of a red bra. "Just like a little peek-a-boo to add a little allure," Jill says. "An illusion of some sexiness."

To pull this sexy look off, Jill and Adam say you'll need a pretty bra with just a little lace showing or a camisole or corset. "She's exposed, but I think people are used to seeing sort of innerwear as outerwear," Adam says.

Adam says separates like those in Suzanne's outfit allow you mix-and-match in a way that makes you feel comfortable.

After years of a beauty regimen that dehydrated Suzanne's hair, Ken says he used moisturizing products to rehydrate her locks. Then, Ken says, they added chestnut and honey highlights to give her hair dimension.

Jill says a long skirt is perfect for all body types and can be found at every price point and in any store. "You can find it everywhere," Jill says. "And it works on everyone."
FROM: How to Get Your Sexy Back Makeovers
Published on June 16, 2009


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