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Yolanda says she feels like a frump, but by the end of her makeover at the hands of hairstyle guru Ken Paves, she looks like a movie star! "When I met Yolanda, she couldn't decide whether she wanted to look like Jennifer [Lopez] or with Eva [Longoria]'s new haircut, so we gave her a combination," Ken says.

For her Eva look, Ken gives Yolanda a gorgeous, short style with waves and curls worthy of a Hollywood starlet. To invoke J. Lo's gorgeous, long locks, Yolanda simply must clip on some perfectly matching, removable extensions. "Both look just as good," Ken says. "When we say the word makeover, guys, nobody needs to be made over. Beauty can't be bought or applied. It's something different. … It just feels new to give you a reason to look in the mirror and feel good about yourself, and that's just what this is. Each look looks just as beautiful, so we gave her both."

"I love it!" Yolanda says. "It's beautiful, saucy, sexy. It's what I wanted, so I was in great hands."
FROM: Oprah's Great American Haircut
Published on November 02, 2007


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