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Marianne has naturally beautiful, long, dark hair—but it's a bit plain. "She had this incredible jaw line," says stylist Harry Josh. "I'm like, 'Why are you hiding underneath that [hair]?"

Once Harry is done with her, Marianne's hair is shorter than it has ever been before. "There's such a softness with her hair that when she moves it, it actually will move with her. It's like a hair commercial," Harry says. "There's no heavy lines in it. It's been cut with a razor. The back is really soft. And it's just really great for people to know that even thick hair can be thinned out really softly and really beautifully."

Marianne says it's exhilarating to have such a beautiful new hairstyle. "I always thought to feel feminine I would have to have my hair long, so that's why I was so reluctant to cut it," she says. "But this team [gave] me this great but very feminine but flirty haircut."

To keep her hair looking beautiful, Harry makes sure Marianne can style it herself. "He taught me how to maintain it, and that's great," she says. "Thank you so much, Harry."
FROM: Oprah's Great American Haircut
Published on November 02, 2007