Look into your mirror and banish any negative thoughts or comments that instantly pop up. Look yourself in the eye and say "I Am Beautiful." Reprogram yourself for true beauty.

Think confident thoughts and expel negative ones. If you think you're beautiful you will be beautiful. If you think negatively then you reflect negativity.

Pamper yourself and become your own best friend. Know that it's okay to take time out just for you. Schedule yourself for a new cut, color or a massage on a regular basis.

Relax and push stress out of your head and body. Create a relaxing environment no matter where you are with soothing music and soft candles.

Make new life choices. Surround yourself with upbeat people that radiate confidence and can be great role models. Share your confidence with others.

 Wrap yourself in beautiful colors and hues that resonate with you.

  Have fun and celebrate your life.

Share by giving of your time and love to someone in need. You can not truly give of yourself unless you give to yourself.


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