Curly bangs
Photo: Fernando Milani
1. What is my hair texture? You don't need stick-straight hair to wear bangs, but if your natural texture is more than wavy, you'll have to commit to potentially frustrating daily bang-taming sessions. Because bangs don't have much length to weigh them down, they can often be curlier than the rest of your style.

2. Do I have a cowlick along my hairline? If the answer is yes, your bangs will have to be thick—starting farther back toward your crown—to keep the wayward hair in line.

3. Do I have a small forehead? If your hairline isn't at least 2 inches from your brows, bangs (unless side-swept) could accentuate your small forehead.

4. How much time will I realistically spend on my hair? It may be only three minutes every morning, but bangs require styling (or a headband). Keep a spray bottle of water on hand so you can dampen and restyle your bangs, even on days you don't wash your hair.