Give Up the Frump!
Oprah defines 'shlumpadinka.'
Do you run errands in your pajamas? Are your husband's sweats a staple in your wardrobe? If the answer is yes, you may be a shlumpadinka.

Oprah's been using this word for years, but many people are still in the dark about shlumpadinkas. One audience member guessed they were the distant cousins of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's Oompa Loompas, while another said shlumpadinka is what you call something when you've forgotten its name.

Though this word isn't in Webster's Dictionary—yet—Oprah says she knows a shlumpadinka when she sees one. "I made this word up a long time ago," she says. "It represents, for me, a woman who dresses like she has completely given up...and it shows."

Every woman has had a bad day or two in her life, but some are guilty of nonstop frump. Oprah's calling in Lloyd Boston, author of Before You Put That On, to help eight ladies go from shlumpy to sexy.