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Fill a Photo Box
Help their memories stand the test of time by packing a photo box (like this one from Organize.com, $7.50) full of everything your best friend/mother/aunt needs to make a scrapbook. Include a silly snapshot of the two of you to get her started.

5 Budget-Friendly Gifts to Go Inside
1. Black, acid-free pages keep photos safe and ensure this scrapbook lasts for generations ($8.50, DickBlick.com).

2. Shimmery alphabet stickers keep script looking neat ($2, Joann.com).

3. Glue dots in a handy dispenser make adhering pictures to pages mess free ($5, OrientalTrading.com).

4. These scissors create scalloped edges in one snip ($2, Stuff4Scrapbooking.com).

5. Even if the recipient can't draw a stick figure, she'll be able to decorate winter photos like a pro with these snowflake stamps ($7 for a five-piece set, ScrapBuck.com).
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