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Place in a Terra-Cotta Flowerpot
Surprise a friend who isn't afraid to roll up her sleeves and get down and dirty with a pot (like this one from Ikea, $6) filled with gardening supplies. If you're feeling creative, decorate the outside with paint markers to personalize it.

5 Budget-Friendly Gifts to Go Inside
1. Lightweight and ergonomic gardening tools put less stress on hands and wrists ($10 each, RadiusGarden.com).

2. These herbs will eventually top off everything from pasta to fish ($1 per pack of seeds, HomeDepot.com).

3. The pigskin leather palms make these gloves durable, and the canvas backing keeps hands cool ($6, Kmart.com).

4. Help her remember where she put the tomatoes with these bamboo plant markers ($13 for set of six, Gardeners.com).

5. This hand cream softens dry skin and gives back to charity ($9, YesToCarrots.com).

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