The World According to Gayle: 6 Things I'm Crazy About
Best Find...
I don't make a habit of giving shoes to people I interview. But when the delightful La La Anthony—wife of basketball player Carmelo and a former MTV star—complimented my crystal-heeled Miu Miu pumps, I decided to surprise her with a pair when she made her off-Broadway debut in Love, Loss and What I Wore, by Nora and Delia Ephron. The problem was, Miu Miu doesn't make my shoes anymore. But they do make these—just as stunning, I think. La La thought so, too.
Maple Bacon cupcake
Best Thing I Ate...
While judging the Vendy Awards—a cook-off among New York's incredible street food vendors—this fall: the Cupcake Crew's maple bacon cupcake. I knew I liked maple and that I also liked bacon, but who knew how much I'd like them together?

Get the recipe
Soul music
I'm Suddenly Nuts About...
Southern soul music. When Bruce Springsteen told me about this genre at a recent dinner party—it's a big ole mix of blues, country, gospel, and rock 'n' roll—I went home and downloaded as many songs as I could. Let me tell you, they really bring out my seventh-grade dance moves! I now think of him as DJ Bruce.

Gayle's Southern Soul Playlist:

1. "Throw Back Days," by Mel Waiters
2. "Your Husband Is Cheatin' on Us," by Denise LaSalle
3. "Dance Party," by Quinn Golden
Alicia Keys
I Love a Great Broadway Show...
And I adore Alicia Keys, so when I heard she'd produced—and composed the score for—the new play Stick Fly, I called to find out the story. Though she's never done theater, Alicia said she was "wide-eyed, excited, open to anything." When I asked if she was nervous about opening night, she said, "Nope!" She's hoping the show will help turn a new generation on to Broadway.

Tererai Trent
My New Favorite Motto...
"Run away from toxic people. Instead, surround yourself with others who are positive, who support you and want you to succeed."

Tererai Trent, a rural Zimbabwean who escaped an abusive marriage and earned a PhD, shared this advice at Oprah's Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa. The school's first seniors—they graduate this month—gave her a standing ovation.
Pan Am
I Can't Stop Watching...
Pan Am. When I was growing up, my father worked as an engineer in Turkey, and we always flew Pan Am. The stewardesses were so glamorous! When they gave me a set of those golden wings, I felt very grown-up. Not only is the show's plot full of mystery and infidelity, they get the period details just right.

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