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Tamra Barney, 40
Tamra is the mother of four, ranging from a toddler to a 21-year-old, though she doesn't look much older herself. She loves her O.C. style. "When I was in New York City once," she tells me, "I kept asking, 'Why don't the women wear any makeup?'" Tamra usually wears foundation, blush, a smoky eye with lots of shadow, several coats of black mascara, lipliner, and gloss. She thinks the urban look doesn't suit her. "This feels like Halloween," she says. "I look like a librarian." I make some noises expressing disbelief. "No, really," she says, "I like more of a sexpot style. I've always been a sexpot."

The hair: "Tamra has a gorgeous, strong jawline and high cheekbones, so I'll use my hairpieces to give her a shorter cut, angled around her face, accentuating her bone structure," says Paves. "Her haircolor is too beige, which makes it blend with her skin tone, fading her complexion." Paves deepens Tamra's color with a honey reddish tint, takes 6 inches off the length, and blows it out straight, rolling the ends under just a little. A whisper of richer color, especially along the hairline, gives Tamra's features even more definition.

The makeup: For her urban look, Tamra wears a sheer foundation to allow her creamy complexion to show through; neutral cream eyeshadow to bring out her deep-set, dark, chocolate brown eyes; black mascara; a soft pink cream blush; and a beigy pink lipstick topped with a clear gloss. Before, what you noticed about Tamra first was her makeup; now you notice her delicate features.

The clothes: Tamra, petite and curvy, never met a print she didn't like, says Adam. But because prints can be overwhelming on a small woman like Tamra, less is more; wearing a solid color from top to bottom is most streamlining, and makes a person appear taller. "Because Tamra likes to look sexy, I want to show her that she can still be sexy while being less exposed," says Adam. This sheer, dusty violet blouse drapes in a way that lets the lines of Tamra's body show through, and the color contrasts beautifully with her dark eyes.

Blouse, Alberta Ferretti. Earrings, Sasha Primak. Ring, House of Lavande Vintage.


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