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Diane von Furstenberg, designer, 50s

What's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to you about the way you look?
"Someone told my granddaughter—who calls me D.D.—that she looked like her mother, and she said proudly, 'No, I have D.D.'s legs!'"

Has anyone ever dared to give you beauty advice?
"When I was being photographed for the cover of Interview magazine in 1976, the hairstylist, Ara Gallant, told me to let my curly hair go natural. I did, and it was hugely freeing."

Is that a camera in your bag?
"I carry a camera to shoot things that might give me ideas for prints for my fabrics, and I carry my DvF Beauty Glamour Compact—which includes powder, blush, lipcolor, and eye shadow—and one of my Cheeksticks. And photos of my kids and grandkids, of course."

What would you never put on your face?
"I'd never wear a heavy foundation, which can look like a mask. I like my skin to show through, so I use my own DvF Beauty Skin Tint with SPF 15."


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