7 Authors Model Summer's Most Sizzling (Under-$100!) Outfits
Writers with hot summer books model the season's most sizzling styles. The surprising hook: Their outfits cost less than $100. And their makeup looks are all drugstore buys!
Tracy McMillan models summer fashion
Tracy McMillan, 47
Her Book
Why You're Not Married...Yet (Random House), a straight-talking self-help guide; it started as a Valentine's Day—themed blog post that went viral.

Shopping M.O.
"I grew up poor, so for me being thrifty is a really important part of being successful," says the Los Angeles-based writer. "I love to buy vintage clothes because they're unique and cost-effective."

Best Find
A $59 navy pinstriped blazer from Zara that McMillan bought on sale in 2008. "It makes everything look pulled together," she says. "I'm actually trying to find someone to make a copy of it because it's such a wardrobe staple for me."

Her Makeup Story
The conflict: "I'm scrupulous about sunscreen, but live in sunny California, so I still get hyperpigmentation. I need a foundation that evens out everything but is sheer enough that it doesn't look heavy when I'm not wearing other makeup—and I'm usually not."
The denouement: A foam foundation saves the day, camouflaging McMillan's dark spots without settling into pores or fine lines. For the subtlest veil of color, she can apply it with a damp makeup sponge, only where necessary (avoiding areas like her chin that don't need evening out).
The drugstore hero: Maybelline New York Dream Nude Airfoam in Caramel ($11)

Ali & Kris dress, $20; for stores.
Seven bracelet, $17;
Nila Anthony clutch, $34;
Forever 21 wedges, $26.80;
TOTAL: $97.80