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"This year I'm playing with prints."
"I love prints on other people," says Santa Barbara–based handbag designer Kendall Conrad, 42. "But I have no time to figure out how to do them right." Undemanding solid colors are more like it; her daily wardrobe consists of no-brainer pants, tanks, and sweaters, or simple linen dresses. Then she spotted this neo-hippie top and skirt (Gregory Parkinson, $505 and $975): "It's young and sexy and bohemian. Sometimes prints can look prim and uptight, but these are groovy." They also illustrate two basic takes on pattern mixing: the same motif in two different colors (pink for the skirt, blue for the sleeves), or two different motifs in the same colors (the bodice and sleeves of the top). Although Conrad thought a busy print might rule out accessories, the patterned fabric proved compatible with some of her favorite things: hoop earrings (Me&Ro), bangles (Me&Ro; Citrine by the Stones), flat sandals (Giuseppe Zanotti Design), and her own Kendall Conrad leather bag (this tote is from her Country/Beach Collection). The fur she's lounging on, by the way, is totally faux. 

Necklace, House of Lavande Vintage; belt, Melamed


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