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Kevin Carrigan
Carrying on in the spirit of Calvin Klein for the label's bridge collection is behind-the-scenes powerhouse Kevin Carrigan, who sees himself more as a problem-solver—with all the nuts-and-bolts fashion savvy that implies—than a flamboyant creator. "I spend a lot of time on fabric and fit," he says. "It's all about lines. The simpler, the more effective." 

Why You'll Like His Look

The slenderizing threads A sleek, minimalist cut does make women look leaner. But, says Carrigan, "although the perception of the Calvin Klein style is a very slim body type, in actuality we do the whole range, including petites and plus sizes."

It goes beyond black-and-white Nothing comes between Calvin and his neutrals, but Carrigan also introduces strong, lively colors.

It's not too frilly Calvin Klein's famous pared-down aesthetic is not only attractive but also wonderfully practical. "I like something simple and chic that I can wear during the day and go out in at night," says Crystal Renn.

Ease of movement There's room to live. "I'm not a size 0, and I like to eat when I go out!" says Crystal McCrary Anthony. "His evening clothes allow me to have dessert." Zani Gugelmann adds, "I love the flowy skirt of this dress because I have a Latin body—there's more on the bottom than the top."


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