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Adam Lippes
"Fashion has a bad reputation for drama. I'm about happy," says Lippes. Attractive prices help: "Coming from the high-luxury world of Oscar de la Renta, I asked myself, "Wouldn't I rather not spend $2,000 on a suit?" His rebranded company (formerly Adam + Eve), which began with hip underwear and T-shirts, overflows with elegant, art-inspired sportswear. 

Why You'll Like His Look

It's ready to wear
"Adam is very mindful of wearable skirt lengths, sleeve lengths, and ease around the waist," says Claudia Cividino. "Our customer is not necessarily 25 years old."

Freshness without faddishness "Adam is sensitive to changes in proportion and silhouette," says Roopal Patel. "He recognizes that women want novelty, yet they also treasure special pieces that last from season to season."

The painterly effects Fabrics that "degrade" from pale to deep shades; stripes that evoke the work of Abstract Expressionist Morris Louis—the art world is a prime source of color and ideas, Lippes says.

His discretion "Adam looks at the best parts of a woman's figure and shows them—but not too much!" Patel says.

Shapes are casual but upgraded Like a short-sleeved white shirt—in stretch denim; or a pencil skirt that feels like a chicer version of jeans.



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