Nate Berkus and Miguelina Gambaccini
As a young girl growing up in the Dominican Republic, Miguelina Gambaccini loved fashion and started sewing with a local seamstress at a young age. Today she is designing women's clothing for A-list actresses and just opened a boutique in New York City. Nate talks to Miguelina about her approach to designing clothing and the inspiration behind her creations.

Miguelina says she didn't set out to be a fashion designer, it just sort of happened as she sought out fashionable clothing as a teenager. "It is very hard to live on an island where the materials are not what you want and the styles are not what you want," she says. "So for me, I had to make [my clothes], and so I guess that is how I became a fashion designer."

Today, Miguelina's clothing is sought out by trendsetters and celebrities alike. "I am mostly known for making beautiful, feminine and colorful clothing for women," she says. While Miguelina says she does design fall and winter collections, spring and summer clothing are her favorites to design because she gets to use a lot of color. "You should be a little bit more adventurous," she says. "I mean [black] is too safe, and it is great to have a beautiful black dress, but come on—a little bit of adventure is not bad."

This summer, Miguelina says you should try experimenting with color in your wardrobe and choose colors that are inspired by places that you love. She says she was inspired by a deep Caribbean blue color while on a recent vacation and plans to include that color in her new collection. Gathering colors and ideas from her travels to places like the Dominican Republic, India and Thailand is something that Miguelina says is essential to her original designs. "I like to make clothes that I like to wear myself, so the inspirations come because I am very clear of the women I have in mind," she says. "[That woman] is very similar to me and I understand her lifestyle."
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