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For artist and accessories designer Valeria McCulloch, 35, Yves Klein blue is nothing new—she's been wearing it faithfully for the past 15 years.

On Standing Out: "I make my life a creative outlet. Some find it fascinating; others tell me I'm cuckoo. That doesn't bother me. I love blue; it brings me joy. People wear black every day, but when you stick with a different color, the world wants to know why! Blue can be calming like the sea and dramatic like sapphires sparkling through the Cartier window."

On Living with Color: "For my home, it's not as easy—no matter how much I love a blue couch, it isn't going to look right in my living room. I go for touches of blue, like a rolling cart and glass tumblers."

On Total Devotion: "I never get bored. On the contrary, over time I feel more attached to blue. Some people challenge themselves by running marathons. I stay entertained by wearing one color—and blue is the one."

"Simply cut clothes with great detail have longevity," says McCulloch, whose favorite color says she is "a woman with personality who knows what she wants." This sleeveless shirt plus cropped silk pants are grounded by a navy felt coat—and elevated by a serious pair of platform pumps.

Shirt: Kaelen, $165. Silk pants: Tibi, $258. Coat: Zero + Maria Cornejo, $798. Pumps, Michael Antonio. Necklace, Rodrigo Otazu. Cuff, Malandrino.



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