Stephanie Phair
Photo: Sarra Fleur Abou-El-Haj
Real deals on fashion are more accessible than ever. (a division of luxury retailer is like an outlet, with discounts of 40 to 80 percent, says director Stephanie Phair, whose brilliant style has always involved recycling high-end looks drawn from previous seasons. For tips on negotiating the virtual mall, read on.
Missoni jacket: Original, $2,870;, $574. The easy cut—"a cross between a bomber and a cardigan," says Phair—works for the office or with jeans on weekends ("The chic shopper always asks, "How many ways can I wear this?"). Knits are smart for low-builk, no-wrinkle packing

Tomas Maier tank: Original, $205;, $105. A tank instead of a shirt "adds a more relaxed twist," Phair says. The trademark Missoni print on the jacket won't come off as loud of brash if you wear it with black.

RM by Roland Mouret skirt: Original, $1,235;, $371. "A pencil skirt is my go-to piece. A structured style and thicker fabric give you a better shape."

Brian Atwood shoes: Original, $1,035;, $414. Phair usually wears flats during the day and switches to pumps for evening: These wooden-heeled, woven-leather stilettos combine a classic shape with modern design.

Roberto Cavalli cuff: Original, $590;, $236. With a patterned jacket, you want simple jewelry like this classic-looking paneled bracelet.

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