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We Promise They'll Fit
Your search for the perfect pants is over. After surveying 10,000 women, Loft has created an ingenious new collection that guarantees you'll find the right pair. In a feat of fashion engineering, all the pants have been redesigned: The back pockets were adjusted so the butt is visually lifted; the side seams were moved forward and extra fabric removed so thighs look leaner; the knee breaks were lowered to make legs appear longer; and the waistband was widened (and interior lining added) to flatten and smooth the stomach area. But wait, there's more—the line is offering three versions tailored to specific body types.

The Marisa: (Left) For women who don't usually have a problem finding pants that fit both waist and hips.
$80, (Available in 9 styles and 25 colors)

The Julie: (Middle) For curvier figures—with a waist that is significantly smaller than the hips.
$70, (Available in 5 styles and 14 colors)

The Zoe: (Right) For those whose waist and hips are almost the same width.
$75, (Available in 3 styles and 7 colors)


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