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The Focus: Gorgeous, Glowy Skin

The Pro's Secrets

1. You probably already use concealer to minimize blemishes, dark spots, and undereye circles, but it's worth taking the time to use a fine-pointed brush for precise application. And don't forget the inner corners of your eyes, where most of us have shadows.

2. One foundation does not fit all. Powder formulas give a natural finish and are easy to touch up. They're fairly sheer, though, so if you need more coverage, or have fine lines around your eyes and lips (which powder can accentuate), try a liquid instead.

3. For the your best skin, only better effect, apply foundation with a brush or latex sponge, blending back and forth (not just in one direction).

4. After you swirl a soft pink blush on the apples of your cheeks (blending it up a little toward your ears), lightly brush a honey brown highlighter just under the blush to give definition to your cheekbones.

Complete the Look
Trace a gray eyeliner (it's more low-key than black and flatters every skin tone) along your upper lashline, and dab a pink- or red-tinted balm on your lips.



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