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As part of our man makeovers special, here are a few guidelines for keeping facial hair in check.
1. Where's Your Face? Don't let your hair, mustache, or beard just grow (and grow and grow). We love you natural, but not that natural. Three words: Get a trim.

2. Is That Painted On? But you don't want facial hair that's too worked-over, either. Looks finicky, as if you spend hours on it each day.

3. Hair Elsewhere. Get rid of the unibrow and trim any bushy excess, especially those long white sprouters, says brow doyenne Eliza Petrescu. Nose hair should be clipped short. Ear hair can be hard to see on yourself, so get a pro to snip.

4. No Talons. Clip nails weekly, and keep a nail brush in the shower—daily scrubbing gets rid of dirt and dry skin.

5. Dry Is For Martinis. Skincare is mostly about moisturizing, says grooming specialist Vaughn Acord. Before going to bed, splash cold water on your face and apply inexpensive aloe gel, available at any health food store.

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