Dress Slimmer This Summer!
Trinny and Susannah in capris
Should you be wearing shorts? What do your legs really look like in capri pants? What's the best look for the beach? Fashion gurus Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine show you how to dress slimmer this summer!

Not all women should be wearing capris—even though most of us have them as staples in our summer wardrobe. Trinny and Susannah say that if you're too small, capris can make you look smaller, and if you have thick calves or chunky ankles, just don't wear them!

"I look like I'm wearing a short trouser because my legs are so short, and it cuts right in the middle of my chunky calf," Trinny says (left). " People thought when I did that shoot I lost a foot in height."

"Someone with perfect legs [can wear capris], sort of like myself," Susannah says (right). "You have to have good skinny legs to wear capris. They don't look great on me either, I should say!"