Christian Siriano's Ferosh Fashions
Christian Siriano
Christian Siriano is one of reality television's favorite fashionistas. The youngest winner in Project Runway history, Christian sewed up the competition and shared his own fierce vocabulary with the world.

Though he ruled the runway, Christian says he second-guessed himself during the competition. "I think you kind of put on this persona that you have to be kind of powerful," he says. "Especially because I was so young. I was 21 years old, and everyone else was so much older than me and had so much more experience. So I was nervous."

Still, he had nothing to lose—Christian auditioned for the show with $20 to his name. "I was a freelance makeup artist, and I couldn't get a job in fashion," he says. "It was tough. New York City, it's real pricey. Especially if you shop like I do."

Now, Christian is one of fashion's fastest rising stars, designing everything from makeup to couture gowns!