Purple eye makeup

Photo: Alexandre Weinberger

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What you'd expect: Smoky Black or Grey


Smoky Purple Eyes

Smoky eye makeup doesn't have to be black or gray to smolder. Purple or blue is just as alluring—and more interesting. Here, makeup artist Frances Hathaway lined our model's upper and lower lashlines with a vivid purple pencil (Avon Glimmersticks Chrome Eye Liner in Ultra Violet), then smudged a deeper purple over that and up to the crease (Estée Lauder Pure Color Five Color Eye Shadow Palette in Violet Underground). For a festive finish, she layered a sheer sparkly shadow all over the lids (Givenchy Le Prisme Color & Shine for Metallic Eyes in Acoustic Harmony).

Pull It Off Like a Pro

Soften the edges. For the most flattering, eye-opening effect, dramatic eye makeup shouldn't have sharp definition. Apply the shadow close to your lashline, then blend the edges of the color over the lid. Finally, buff everything with a clean eyeshadow brush or Q-tip.

Amp up your brows. Saturated color on your lids should be balanced by defined arches. Use a pencil or powder to fill them in if need be with short, feathery strokes.

Save concealer for last. If you use it first, you'll have to redo it after you apply eyeshadow, which inevitably falls a bit below your eyes. Also, once your eyes are vividly defined, you may find you need less concealer than you thought.

Skip blush. Rosy cheeks can look garish next to vibrant eye makeup. But don't ignore cheek color completely. Use a shimmer-free bronzer about two shades darker than your skin tone, starting a little below the apples of your cheeks and blending up and out.


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